«Stuff-Hub» — project that take a huge quantity of development production companies on one side and job requests from clients on the other side, we do that for common success.
If you look for quality specialists for your projects just let us know we will find them for you and help u choose the best of them.
If you are outsourcing company and have quality free of project developers welcome to our partner net, let us know detail, and we will find job for them.

We always help you to find hight quolity developers in your technologies.

How it works

We already have a hudge count of programmers keeping in touch. Just send us team request what you need.

01 Technical interview

To sure the quality.

02 Weekly reports

We send you time sheets for short time control.

03 Labor discipline

Oh, yeah, supreme work ethic.

04 Warn about the completion

Lets us know if task pull are going down.

Working together

Working together


IT-outstaffing, it is a type of outsourcing, as next step of Time&Material but it changes the responsibility, and allow you to save project budget. We connect our developers into your team, labor discipline on our side, but tasks, technical control and planning on your team-leads side.

Rent a developers is perfect way to make your team stronger for season or subproject scope.

5 years

of success


find right staff

1-2 days

For first results

Out strength

Quick change developers and transfer expertise.

Working with developers at arm's length.

Complete confidentiality and white label.

Support and accounting labor discipline.



Django, Flask, NLP


Laravel, Zend, symfony, Yii2, 1C-Bitrix, Wordpress


Java (J2SE/J2EE), Spring, MVC, Hibernate


Core, Web API, MVC


Swift, Objective-C


Kotlin, SDK, NDK


Angular.js 1,2,3...7


React.js, React.Native


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